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Perfume ain’t my thing – Kasuku

MY STYLE. Isaac Katende, alias, Kasuku is a radio and TV presenter at Dembe FM and Spark TV. Isaac Ssejjombwe catches up with him to find more about his fashion sense.

What fashion style defines you?
Casual. I prefer simple clothes and I do not put effort in my dress code.

Such as…?
A T-shirt or shirt with jeans.

Why this style?
Because it is what I’m comfortable with and I dress to please myself.

Since you are casual, do you own any suits?
None at the moment. I gave them out since they all do not fit me anymore. However, I used to wear suits to weddings and other high-end events. When an event comes along that requires me to wear one, I buy.

Would you attend a wedding in jeans and T-shirt?
Yes, I have done it before.

What did it feel like?
I did not find any problem since I dress to please myself.

For how long do you wear your clothes before doing away with them?
A year.


How often do you go shopping?
I am a random buyer; when I see something I like, I get it.

Where do you shop from and how much do spend on shopping?
I do not have any specific place that I shop from. When I see something, I go and get it. On a good day I spend about Shs700,000.

What cologne do you use?
I’m not keen on those things [cologne]. I use a roll on called Men and Gillette. Perfumes ain’t my thing because I have sinusitis.

Why those two roll-ons?
Because they do not have a strong scent and keep my body fresh.

How much do spend on them?
I spend Shs45,000 on both of them at a pharmacy in Kyanja.

What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
Vans off the wall and a G-Star T-Shirt.

How much is it?
I bought the Vans at Shs2.4m from Vans in Menlin Mall, South Africa and the T-shirt at close to 300k from a G-Star shop in South Africa.

And the cheapest item?
Ankle socks at Shs 5,000.

What fashion trend do you hate?
I cannot stand tight pants because the wearers look awkward in them.

How often do you visit the barbershop?
Before the lockdown, I used to go every two weeks for a hair and beard cut, pedicure, manicure and a shoulder massage. Sometimes I go for facials.

How much do you spend?

Do you go to the gym?
Yes, but I just run on the treadmill for 45 minutes.

What are your eating habits?
I eat as I please because life is lived only once. I do not ‘shortcut’ in eats and drinks. Every time I feel hungry, I eat.

What is your shoe size?

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