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Making your make-up stand out under that mask

Staying safe. Yes, it is now normal to walk around with a mask on your face, but keeping safe shouldn’t make you lose your make-up game.

By now, I am sure we have all adjusted to the new reality. And since life seems like it is going to be this way for a while, it would be best if we adjusted and embraced our new normal, whether it is in the work module, movement or even fashion.

All the fashionistas have already stocked up on those masks. And in case you were worried about how to keep that facebeat while still abiding by the law, worry no more. I spoke to two of top make-up artistes, Fayth Presh Makeup and Shillat Makeup, and they shared some helpful tips.

Focus on the eyes
Since a lot of the other parts of your face will be covered up, your eyes and eye make-up are going to take centre stage. So, if you can go all out with this, then do so.

“A hue of greens, pinks, or blue for the eye shadow will be perfect. You can take this up a notch by adding some colourful eyeliner, and finish off with a nice pair of eyelashes,” Fayth Presh says.

She adds that this will make your eyes pop. Other tricks include using beauty contact lenses, some glitter eye shadow and liner. Since having a mask on is going to leave your skin feeling very dry and uncomfortable, Fayth says now is the time to prioritise your skin care routine.

You need to set a good moisturiser beneath your foundation/powder. You will also need to make use of that primer, and translucent powder, to block out the oils and sweat.
Shillat recommends investing in a good skin cleanser, to clean any dirt getting trapped onto your skin by the mask.

She recommends opting for matte foundations as opposed to the moisturising formulas, as these will absorb any extra oils, and not stain your mask or wipe off your foundation. It would be advisable to use the matte lipsticks, which you should give some time to dry before placing on your mask.

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