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Government can’t use me like a condom – Bad Black

Bad Black

Socialite Shanita Namuyindwa aka Bad Black has revealed that she cannot be used and dumped by the government because she doesn’t offer voluntary services.

“You NRM people, who told you that they use me like a condom that you will use and throw away?” she questioned.

Bad Black has accused government officials for misusing government funds.

“You people in government are day thieves and not night thieves. You are greedy!” she added via her Facebook live video.

Bad Black has asked Museveni to clean up his government and remove all the cabinet ministers for misusing government funds.

“President Museveni, you should fire the entire cabinet because they made for us masks like backcloth as if we are going for a ritual service,” she said.

Bad Black has asked government to reward her with a medal if they are not willing to pay her for her advert.

She has also blamed the health ministry for disturbing her peace by coming to her when they were not willing to pay her for her advert.

This comes after ministry revealed that the Bad Black has no contract with them and her services were voluntary.

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