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Gabriel K is Done Waiting

Gabriel K was thrilling to watch as he danced away with his dance crew on stage. Courtesy photos

While some artistes are in misery over the lockdown, for some little-known talents such as Gabriel K, it has been a blessing in disguise because the audience they got online, was only a fantasy.

You probably saw his billboards around Kampala advertising his Love Ocean and Done Waiting albums. Having just one billboard within Kampala costs between Shs3.5m and Shs5m and yet Gabriel K had his in place for three months.

The billboard was to announce Gabriel K’s presence on the music scene, and after drawing some people to his music, his next mission was to cement his presence.
On Saturday, Gabriel K, full name Gabriel Kakuru, held his first album concert on line.

Dubbed the We Just Want Love concert, the event was well put together. The lighting, stage and performances were on point, thanks to the production by Bushington and music direction by Michael Ouma.

Even without a physical audience, Gabriel K performed live in a location in Busabala with assistance from some of the best instrumentalists; Sam Mukuku on the guitar, Jowi on the piano, Emma Emong on the drums, Farouk Farouk on the back-ups and Elijah Kitaka on the background voices.

Among the songs he performed was We Just Want To Love, Not Ready For Goodbye, Dance With Me, Same Again, Number One and Give Me The Love, among others.
The entire set wore headsets and Gabriel K performed like he had the audience he perhaps dreamed about right in front of him. He gelled well as he coined dance moves in sync with his dancers on stage. On some of the songs, he delivered seated on stools.

The number of songs on Gabriel K’s two albums is 34

Asked why he decided to have this concert during this period, he said it is the trend now and this has helped him get a universal audience because people do not really have much to do.

“I don’t think I had built a name to a point where I could personally do a big concert somewhere and get a lot of people but this was one avenue to feed you my music by force,” he said.
Music to Gabriel K has never been taken as a career but rather something he enjoys doing and his music accomplishments came on Saturday.

“Saturday was a culmination of that journey for me. And yes, I can peacefully retire after that. What I have achieved in the last two years of dedicated music work has been two albums to show — Done Waiting and Love Ocean.
The two albums have 34 songs all together.

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