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Cindy goes bare knuckles on Zzina awards

Cindy Sanyu

We can all agree that Cindy had a good year 2019 after becoming the first female artiste to successfully hold a concert at cricket Oval which is one of the biggest venues in Uganda.

But Spice Diana had a better year, according to the Zzina awards that happened over the weekend where she scooped two awards including; the female artiste of the year and best contemporary urban artiste.

Spice Diana was one of the big winners of the day but this didn’t go down well with Cindy who thought she deserved the female artiste of the year.

In a tweet she put up yesterday, Cindy claims that her successful boom party concert would probably have been considered in all this.

“I know exactly who I am in this industry and after the Boom party concert I realized that Uganda knows exactly who I am in this region so I chose to believe 40,000 Ugandans than a few board members in an awards committee. Thank you but no thanks, yours truly,” she tweeted.

Whether or not Cindy indeed got 40,000 people that attended her concert, is a story for another day but many people thought she was punching below her weight by complaining about the awards.

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