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Big Eye in trouble over Shs400m debt






Singer Big Eye has cried out for help to clear a Shs400m debt. In a video posted on his Facebook page, Big Eye says that he is hustling to pay a loan worth Shs400 million. He has sold most of his property like his car so that he can clear it off but instead, life has become harder.

“I paid Shs60 million but if I don’t complete the money in the agreed time, I’ll lose the Shs60 million too. Help me please, life has become hard,” he cried out.

In the video, the artiste also says that he campaigned for President Museveni but was never paid.

“I campaigned for the President but I wasn’t paid. I don’t mind because I love him,” he said adding that despite the fact that he continued working, he was chased off stage twice for his political beliefs.

He has blamed his fellow artists for abandoning him during such hard times.

“I have many problems. I have many loans. What hurts me is that I have been abandoned by my brothers,” he said.

Big Eye adds that he expected the government to look after him because he is a celebrity.

“I didn’t support this government because I wanted something from it. I supported it because I had hoped in it and knew that it had good intentions. However, I’m hurt that I have been abandoned when I’m a public figure,” he says. He has called upon the government and President Museveni to come to his rescue and help him clear his debts.


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