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Being deported is still fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday – Mariachi


Mc Mariachi

Last year, renowned comedian MC Mariachi was deported from the US alongside Maureen Nantume as soon as they landed at the airport.

This was after they failed to explain their main reasons of visiting the US. More than 12 months might have passed, but MC Mariachi says he still has the memories like they happened yesterday.

While appearing on NBS’s UnCut recently, Mc Mariachi said he received a lot of backlash and up to now it’s still the most haunting thing he has ever experienced.

“Being deported was not the problem, but not stepping outside the airport. All the preparations and time was wasted just like that. A person who has ever travelled can attest to that,” he said.

That was not the first time Mariachi real names Charles Kasozi, was travelling but it was the first time he was deported.



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