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Prophet Mbonye stirs more controversy, says God is more likely to meet you at Zoe Fellowship

Elvis Mbonye

Zoe Fellowship Leader Prophet Elvis Mbonye continues to stir controversy among Christian circles. The latest from the Prophet is a reassurance to the Christian believers about the possibility of encountering the power of God in their daily lives by talking about how God is in manifestation at Zoe Grounds.

While many flock Zoe grounds in anticipation of prophetic wordings from the man of God, so many others find his teachings controversial and deliberately refuse to fall prey to his prophetic expression.

The man of God hinted at those who doubt that Zoe Grounds where Zoe fellowships are held is not full of God’s Manifestations more than any other place simply because God is everywhere.

“The strange thing is, God is everywhere. When you try to tell people about the manifest of God, that is the first thing they’ll tell you.” The Prophet said in a video that went viral online. He said they always misuse that statement and insist that they don’t have to go to church gatherings for them to be able to meet God.

“God is everywhere, but he doesn’t meet with people everywhere. There is a place. There is an atmosphere that has got to be conducive for Him to meet up with you.” Mbonye said.

He said that it is because of that reason that God can manifest at Zoe Fellowship and in other places they just talk about Him as if they don’t even know that he is there.

Prophet Mbonye insists that God is everywhere but does not meet people everywhere. Prophet Elvis insists that Zoe Grounds is conducive for God to meet with people and this can be witnessed in miracles and prophecies that happen at this place.

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