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I regret my first kiss – Daxx Kartel

Daxx Kartel is a musician. Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Up close. Born Suleiman Ssebunya, Daxx Kartel became a household name on Uganda’s entertainment scene after his song Bamuzaala mubaala, garnered massive airplay. Besides music, he is a fish farmer. Daxx Kartel tells ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE about his past.

First thing I do in the morning…
I check my day’s programme on the phone before taking a shower. I then, brush my teeth and pray. I take breakfast and see how the day goes.

When I get to work…
Because I do not entirely depend on music; I check on how and where we are going to buy fish which is my side hustle. I check how many clients are lined up, where are they are, among other things. After confirming that, I ensure everything is done as planned.

Earliest childhood memory…
Like most children, I loved to play a lot. I was naughty and a bed wetter. Whenever, I was instructed to take my bedding outside it was embarrassing because the girls would always stare at me.

First best friend was….
Isaac, our Kenyan neighbour. I did not first realise how close we were until they shifted. I started missing him and life became hard without him. We would play, fight and do all sorts of things children do.

My first kiss….
I kissed Aisha, a charming girl when I was in Senior Two. I cannot disclose her second name for security purposes. We won a Buganda Cup football secondary tournament and I scored one of the goals and we defeated Buddo Secondary School. The headmaster organised for us a victory party that went on up to 10pm. We kissed to celebrate the win but I regret that moment.

Why do you regret?
Because she is the first person I kissed. That kiss opened my mind about getting intimate. I henceforth became a passionate lover in every relationship I went into and it was not good for me.

After the kiss, did you start a relationship with her?
Yes, but it did not last because I think she had high expectations of me more than I could offer.

The first book I read…
I read many books but the first one was Rick Warren’s The Purpose driven life. It is a book about how someone should live their life and it builds one spiritually.

What are you reading currently?
I cannot get enough of The Purpose Driven Life.

First job….
Dealing in fish because it is our family business. In my Primary Seven vacation, we used to sell them to different people.

Is that the same business you do alongside music?
Yes, I buy from fishermen then distribute to my clients in different places.

First salary…
My father never used to pay. One day, we went to Kalangalo in Mityana and we worked so hard. I thought he would at least give me a token because I was preparing to go back to school. However, he only gave me Shs20,000 and when I expressed my dissatisfaction, he asked me if I shelter or feed myself.

Current job…
I am doing music and agriculture. I have realised that agriculture is more profitable because what you invest is what you reap. You just have to know the seasons. I think one can do farming at any age but music expires.

What I like about my job…
I love both jobs. Music has made me popular and exposed me to a network of people I would not have known at different levels. With agriculture, I earn money that I sometimes do not expect.

My most memorable experience….
When I was almost giving up on life, I went to the street in my Senior Four vacation to discover myself. We used to refer to this as outbreak age. I used to snatch people’s phones for survival.

How long did you do that?
My turning point was when I lost a friend who was stabbed to death. Reality checked in and I returned home.

Biggest regret in life……
I regret having engaged in farming late. So many people have benefited much out of it yet I am more experienced than them.

Best advice I ever received…
My father told me to be a ‘stone in rice’. If I am not noticed while they are preparing it, they cannot fail to notice me when they are eating it. He meant that I have to be extra-ordinary is everything I do. That is why I’m unique.


Are you married, dating?
I’m married to Maureen Naluwoza Mariam alias MoMo19. She is a TV presenter, a caring and loving partner.

Playing football and I plan on starting an academy and becoming an agent.

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