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Uncle Walter takes the sweat online


Arguably one of the best dancers in Uganda, Uncle Walter, real name Ruva Walter Joseph Warom, decided to give back to society what God blessed him with — dancing.
With little to do ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, Walter decided that every week, he will hold a free online dance session on social media for an hour and he has been doing it at least twice or three times every week for the past one month or so.
Dubbed Katuuyo dance online session, Uncle Walter displays different types of dances both local and international, including salsa, break dance, tango, and traditional among others.

“I blend Ugandan traditional movement with fitness. I also teach African contemporary dance,” he told us.
Before every session, he first displays a disclaimer on the music that he dances to.
“I do not own the copyrights for these songs. This show is for entertainment purposes only. Section 107 of copyright act of 1976 allows this material to fair use only. Credit to all the artiste that own the copyrights.”
He then takes the audience through different dance routines step by step, explaining each move and how it is supposed to be done just like how a teacher would in front of his students.


Some lessons are taken indoors while others are done outdoors, depending on the type of dance routine he is working with.
The founder and artistic director of Warom The Company, says since he can no longer have his weekly classes at the National Theatre, he does not want his students and other people to lose touch of what they have always loved doing and promises to always keep doing so until the Covid-19 situation normalises.

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