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Tips on how to go about layering outfits

Layering is a styling trick that has been around for a while and still remains one of my favourite ways to spice up any ensemble. Whether you choose to go light or heavy with your layers, you are always going to have a sure fashion win with this trend.

You can decide to go light, if you are simply trying to keep warm and still remain fashionable. You can also choose to go heavy if you are trying to turn heads all day, with your outfit.

Here are a few style options on how you can nail the layering style option like a pro, and step up your personal style.

Let’s start off with the lighter layering, which is literally done by everyone. Find a layering piece that’s not only statement, but also matches with whatever you are wearing on the inside. So think over coats, kimonos, cardigans, shawls, scarves and the like.

Start with the basic one which involves adding a cardigan, or overcoat over your pair of jeans and top look. You can add a scarf to make your look more stunning and less basic. Or you can pair your cardigan and overcoat on the same look. Choose this, however, in contrasting prints and shades, to pull off a contrasting look.

If you need something less basic, try the dress-over-pants layering look. This is possibly one of the hardest layering options to try out, but can give you quite the points if you manage to pull it off. For this, begin by establishing what your pants and top will look like, before deciding on the dress to layer up the look with.

Denims are a great start here and you can keep them skinny, cropped or even bell bottomed, depending on what your style is. Then choose a top that’s well fitting, preferably a tiny tee or a body suit.

Add your dress, especially one with spaghetti straps and the other details in the dress such as prints and hues all depend on what you want your final look to be like. The other important area to focus on here is the length of your dress.

Your pants need to get some attention too. Keep the edge of your dress slightly below your knees or slightly lower, but never lower than your calf. Add shoes of your choice here and you are good to go.

The next option is with the kimono. The kimono layered look is a great start if you are looking for a dressier option of this trend. The best part is that you can wear your kimono over pants, dresses, tights and even skirts.


The other areas to note is the fact that this throw on piece will be the focus of your entire look. So pay attention to it. A recommended styling option is to pair it with denims, tiny top look, add your kimono, in a beautiful shade and some fun prints for the perfect finish.

You can also have on your body con dress, in black for instance, and add your kimono in pitch or baby blue. You can spice this up by adding a waist belt to this look. This is actually a great maternity look for all expectant mothers. Add a pair of sneakers to this, if you are looking for comfort or heels if you need the look to be dressier.

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