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Pizza Bond finds favour in lockdown

Some of the businesses that were hit hard by the lockdown were restaurants and eateries. But for those that were already running business online, nothing much was changing.
The idea of a car bond is for prospective buyers to find different car types in a singular location. In matters culinary, business partners Ronnie Matovu and Haroon Ssemambo chose to borrow from the motor phrasing.
Their hangout, Pizza Bond, is situated at Crest House, along Kampala-Jinja road, opposite KCB Bank. Like the idea of a car bond, you will find different types of pizzas; beef, chicken, mushroom, seafood, vegetable and Hawaii.

The duo brings creativity to their servings as they blend the pizza to your taste preferences. For instance, Indians and their culinary adventure, are fans of chicken and love it blended with the heavily peppered tikka.
Beef can be served plain or in minced form, while foreigners love the mix of bacon and vegetables. To fans of the Hawaiian, which is basically made with pineapple tropical fruit, a little addition of mushroom or seafood would send palates in a joyous mood.

Matovu, whose alias is Kajambia, says part of the reason they are unique, lies in the ingredients they use in preparation of the pizzas.
“We use imported spices from Innscor company based in Zimbabwe as well as from Dubai and Kenya where we also get some unique recipes. And we are careful not to prepare the pizzas from baking ovens but conveyor ovens in which the heat is evenly distributed. As such, the pizzas are readied but not burnt,” he explains.
You might want to know that pizza is a traditional meal in Italy and has seen a number of preparatory evolutions.

To the pizza, the duo is testing options of chicken and fries. The orders are encouraging. For Shs15, 000, you get chips with a piece of chicken, for a family pack, you get nine pieces of chicken, fries and salads at Shs50, 000.
Kajambia is a name Matovu is happy to be called and it is even inscribed on his T-shirt.
He says he’s ‘gat’ nothing on the Covid-19 lockdown because business has remained normal, perhaps in terms of earning, since the deliveries have favoured business continuity.

Pizza Bond is one of the meal order options on online delivery sites Jumia and SafeBoda. The hangout also runs an in-house delivery service. With that, 90 per cent of the business is run on deliveries.
Nonetheless, if you would like to have a meal on site, the restaurant is open and adequately arranged for you to observe social distancing. Open hours are between 7:30am and 5pm.
For now, though, Matovu’s challenge is replenishing spices. “We had shopped for spices to last us three months. With the continuous extension of the lockdown, our business is surely going to be affected,” he observes.

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