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Style for lockdown: Here is a quick guide

Staying safe. Yes, it is now normal to walk around with a mask on your face, but keeping safe shouldn’t make you lose your make-up game.

We are in what I believe is our fourth month since this “new normal” came over our lovely planet, and from the look of things, we have to live this way (quarantine, curfew and all ) for a while longer. For those of us who have not fully resumed to the normal work flow, the larger part of your day is spent lounging between your sofa and bed, binge watching whatever you can get on your TV and scrolling through your mobile.
However, for my true fashionista, who knows not to let quarantine make them lose their style touch, here are a few rules to live by so as to stay flawless, even in lockdown. This will help you come out of the house and step into the world with all your fashion glory still intact.

Stock up on sweats and tracks
Now would be the time to pile up on those sweat pants. But since you want to be lounging, and looking good at the same time, you can pair these with cute little tees or a stretching vest, and add a throw on. You can also opt for some tracks, especially if you are going to be running some errands around the neighbourhood.

Get some custom masks made
Face masks are now, as per Presidential directive, a wardrobe staple. So, now would be the time to stock up on pieces that you can use to play matchy-matchy with your ensembles. If you can, find various pieces in neutral shades that will match your different outfits, especially for when you decide to step out.

Do not give up on your beauty and self-care routines
If you can afford to get a haircut or fresh hairdo, please do get it. Do not give up on your manicure or pedicure at all costs! You may not be leaving the house, but remember, even your own neighbours do not want to see that unkempt version of you.
Maintain your beauty routines, by having an occasional face scrub at home, get your face masks on regularly and keep your lips moisturised and plumped.
You surely do not want to walk out of this lockdown looking like you are ushering in the return of the bushmen!

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