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We dodged school to watch films – T.Paul256

Paul Taremwa, aka, T.Paul256 is an artiste. T.Paul256 is known for songs such as
Tamutamu, Butabika, and Bedroom, a collaboration with Harmonize. He talks to Promise Twinamukye about his life, and passion.

First thing I do in the morning is…
Pray, workout, shower and then clean up my room.
When I get to work…
I ensure that my voice is okay before I test it.
Earliest childhood memory…
I have a couple of memories. I loved football and never wanted any disruption while at it. One day our house help was busy and asked me to attend to our little brother who was crying. (laughs) I asked our house help, “Am I the mother?” She stared at me and shook her head.
Also, my parents used to give us Shs1,000 to cater to a bodaboda to school and breakfast. On some occasions, we would just go to Yakuza, a makeshift cinema and watch films for Shs500 the entire day and we would use the change to buy Safi and chapatti for lunch (Shs300 and Shs200 respectively). That is how I learnt how to budget.
First best friend…
Fahad Wamala. I do not remember how we got close but he is kind and we share interests. However, he is from a strict Muslim family, I am SDA, and I was warmly welcomed to his family.
My first kiss…
Eeeeehh! I cannot talk about it and the woman I had it with because she might now be in a successful marriage, and I don’t want you to know. I can only say I was in Form Six vacation.
First book you read…
If you want to keep something from me, put it in writing. I vaguely recall The pearl , a book we read in Senior Two. However, I loved my notes so much that if you stole my book, you would taste my wrath.
Your first job…
I was a banking assistant at Ankole Farmers and Traders Sacco.
And your first salary was…
Shs100,000 with a weekly allowance of Shs70,000.
Current job…
I am an artiste.
What do you like about your job?
I feel lively because I am passionate about music. I may not be perfect at it but every time I work on something it improves my wellbeing and opens my mind to something new.
Why did you choose music over accountancy?
I am still an accountant but I am pushing music first because that is where my passion and talent lie.
What was your first stage appearance like?
I thought that people to be like ‘what crap is he doing?’ or even pelt bottles at me. Surprisingly, I clicked with the audience as they sang along, cheered me on and I thank God for that. This kick started my career.
What has the pandemic taught you?
Everyone is equal. Also, family and friends are important.
What has kept you moving?
Living each day for each day and leaving the rest to God. You may not know when you will get something or when someone will think about you. Faith has also been a big part of me. I am not even wondering about when lockdown will end because the more you think about it the more stressed you get.
How has it affected your career?

People are thinking of other things, like ways to save for tomorrow considering the turn the economy has taken since the pandemic set in.

When private vehicles were banned, I learnt how to ride a motorcycle to enable me go for recordings at the studio.

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