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Songs that will forever remind us of lockdown


Freeboy ft Winnie Nwagi

Therapy: Music heals, music is a record of moments in time, music is that soothing drug, and the lockdown could not have been easier without music. We all had those songs we just couldn’t get enough of in this lockdown. Long after Covid-19 has been defeated, these will be the songs we shall have to thank, for the good times as we kept home, writes Ian Ortega.

1. Utawezana – Femi One
While we all sat down in peace, a one Azziad came and restored the legacy of Kenyans. For long it had been decided that Kenyans were allergic to proper dance strokes. It took a female goddess, the wasp waist of Azziad to save Kenyans from a lifetime of shame. No matter what everyone else did, she could not be challenged. At our worst, we sent in Sheilah Gashumba to represent, only to suffer a bigger loss. The one Swahili word every Ugandan learned in this lockdown was ‘Utawezana’ but trust Ugandans to never get their Swahili what – many still insist on calling it tutawezana or twawezana. Above all, we all remembered the mighty ‘Okonkwo’. It is now said, if she cannot dance to Utawezana, then she is not the one.

2. Mu Curfew – A Pass
For the Najjera fellows who managed to throw block parties, this song hit differently. There is one condition to enjoying this song; you must have a balcony overlooking some skyline. You get to the balcony at midnight, carry up a glass of whisky, then you will know why this song is worth your time. If you stay in Nansana, you may have to pass up this song.


3. Kwata Essimu – Freeboy ft Winnie Nwagi
To imagine that Winnie Nwagi accidentally jumped onto this track and went on to perfectly blend with Freeboy is something commendable. Freeboy brought to us that ‘laissez-faire’ style, with a Bakisimba beat to it. The lyrics were just out of the world. While Sheebah was singing, ‘six him general’, Freeboy sang about the girl who left him destitute and eating ‘mputa’. That ability to bring the luga-english flair to the lyrics makes you addicted. And hey, TikTok did not spare us the challenge. Family after family jumped onto the #kwataessimu challenge.

4. Fess ka fe Bang – DJ Madness ft MOB
Fess Ka Fe Bang is a song that got us grooving during the lockdown but the one thing we cannot do is mention the singer. Despite being almost one month old, as per YouTube, the song is perhaps one of those that has had endless challenges on TikTok, aka the lockdown social platform. Because of its catchy beat that had any moves get way, the song got everyone in upbeat mood. It is an irresistible beat, to say the least.

5. Repeat It – Azawi

The one good thing Tweny Tweny hit us with, is Azawi. It is said that hard times tend to produce great artistes. Azawi is that artiste. The lockdown took effect before we could fully enjoy Repeat It. To put it aptly, we were still hanging over from Quinamino, so for the majority, Repeat It became another lockdown anthem. The one thing you cannot accuse Azawi of, is lacking talent. She is pure at her game. You cannot help but love what she does and how she does it. That smile alone is to tell everyone that she has come to redefine this space. The only thing we do not wanna repeat is the lockdown.

6. Jerusalema – Master KG ft Nomcebo
For all the Rosies in the world, this was the lockdown song. For this song, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You must listen to it. From the onset, it feels like a trip to some new world. It came at the time when we were all longing for a time we could travel again, hang out with friends, pack our bags and head to Nyege Nyege. It made us get optimistic about the post-lockdown world. In these times, we all wanted to sing out: ‘Uhambe Nami’ literally translated to mean ‘walk with me’. If house music is your thing, then you want to taste the ‘kwaito’ hidden in Jerusalema. When we finally get to party again, gangos will have to dance to this song. It is the perfect picnic song as you munch on nyama choma.

7. Nakyuka – Sheebah

“Six one him General, lockdown Joel alemeddekko nalo” those are the lyrics that welcome you to this song. It turns out, this means: “General Yoweri Museveni is not about to lift the lockdown”. The rest of the lyrics are jumbled and require you to put in some time as you figure out the entire plot. Queen Karma is irresistible, no surprise within weeks the song is past the 500K views mark. The lockdown changed us and our relationships. Some relationships became weaker, others… they became stronger. For the ones where lockdown made things better, this song speaks to us.

8. Bintwala – Mun G
Without a Mun G song, it cannot count as a lockdown. With one word, Mun G has the ability of summarising a situation. Let’s confess, we all felt like things were taking us. With every passing day, came new cases and new measures. We could not jog anymore; we could not drive anymore. And hey, companies were announcing job cuts and salary reductions. We needed some musical medication, a way to make fun of our misery. Bintwala is us making fun of this hard moment, knowing deep down that we shall overcome.

9. After Quarantine – Hatim and Dokey
Resolution after resolution. People have made post-lockdown plans. They plan to start new businesses; do all the things they had always put on hold. Everyone got a plan or two. We cannot wait to see some people; we cannot wait to travel to some spots. Hatim and Dokey get into our minds and together we can make the post-lockdown bucket list. Well, Subaru guys have one thing… to do those drifts.

10. Wakayima – Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool has stayed clear of all the wrong news in this lockdown. He spoke out against the MPs and their Shs20m stack. He gave us a Covid-19 song. He donated to the task force. Imagine, he even had a birthday cake for Chameleone’s birthday. As if not to be done, he decides to gift us with a perfect music video. If he is not playing those hare tricks on us, then he is really into some reformation.


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