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Lira’s DJ Abbra: A nurse spinning discs

Samuel Abura

They started deejaying as a duo just to earn money for their basic needs, not knowing that it would turn out to be their source of income. Barbara Akite caught up with Samuel Abura, the founder of Sound Blast Brothers about his journey into deejaying.

Tell us about yourself and Sound Blast Brothers
The one thing I cannot hide about myself is that I am a family man, a husband and father. Sound Blast Brothers, is a DJ duo of two brothers; DJ Pricah and I (DJ Abbra).
Growing up, we were the selectors on the village and the demand for our services was very high during the festive season.
We actually did not know that it was our calling until life pushed us into making it serious. As far as the management of the group is concerned, we are currently doing it ourselves.

What inspired you to start deejaying?
I got into the industry in such a dramatic way. I say so because I only deejayed to earn money to meet my basic needs while in high school. However, I got moved and inspired by some serious DJs that I interacted with after school.

How do you balance working as a health worker and deejaying?
I have predictable schedules and booking calendars, so I do not mix the two. I go about my daily job as a health worker and if one needs my services as a deejay, they have to book in advance in order to give me time to programme myself because I do not deal with emergency bookings.

Would you drop health work for deejaying?
Yes, because I would need more time to concentrate on the other, though I am not sure which one I would drop.

What makes you different as a DJ?
I get lots of positive feedback from my clients and audience about my crowd management and playlist. I always have something new to bring to the stage and sometimes, I go an extra mile by picking anyone and doing a short dance competition.

What have you achieved from deejaying?
Establishing my brand and keeping it firm amid the stiff competition from bigger brands. It was not easy.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
As Sound Blast Brothers, we expect to be one of the most celebrated DJs in the country, considering that we are the only DJ duo upcountry.

What advice would you give to upcoming deejays?
They should know the demand of the industry, set their goals clearly and work hard to achieve the set goals.

Tell us about your education background
I started from St Kizito Nursery School, went through Kampala Modern Nursery and Primary School to St Peter’s College Tororo then later joined Lira School of Comprehensive Nursing on government sponsorship. It is here that I attained a certificate in nursing and I am still furthering my education since it is an endless process.

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