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I never saw my baby – Panda

In pain: As the world was celebrating Father’s Day on Sunday, Herbert Kityamuweesi famously known as Crysto Panda, was trending after breaking news of the loss of his daughter. The news came at a time when some fans were still congratulating the TV presenter on the birth of the baby. Isaac Ssejjombwe spoke to him to see how he is coping.

1.Sorry about the loss of your baby. How are you and the mother doing now?
We are trying to be fine. I did not get to meet her because she was born out of the country but as you know when you lose someone you love, it is never the same but we are trying to be there for each other. Unfortunately she is out of the country but we talk daily, I’m always there for her because this is the time that she needs me most.

2.You broke the news of her passing on Father’s Day, almost two weeks later. Why?
My in-laws never wanted me to talk about it and I had to be strong because the moment I talked about it at first, I was broken, so I needed that time to heal as I worked. I lost my mom when I young so that made me strong and I believe life moves on. Even if you lose someone you love, you cannot be there crying all the time. What weakened me, however, were the messages I got from people on Father’s Day, asking me about the baby and I had nothing to say or tell them, which is why I came out and broke the news. But at the end of the day, people would say sorry and that would not bring my baby back, so whether you tell people or not, it is all the same.

3.You kept working. Does it mean none of the people you work with knew?
I kept working because I love my job and I had to keep on going. I love to see people happy and the show is at its peak, so I couldn’t just take time away.
Nobody I work with knew about it and that is why I did not miss any dance party show. I was suffering alone in my heart but I also used that opportunity to heal because I believe in life moving on. If I took time off to be alone, I would probably break down every minute but that helped me heal.

4.But some people say you planned the timing so as to push the Kyoyina Omanya video. Any truth to that?
I actually thought about it but that is not the point. I was forced to talk about it because of the Father’s Day messages I was receiving. The Kyoyina Omanya video was already done and people were asking me about it. I was actually going to premier it on Saturday before I broke the news, but the video director made a mistake somewhere so he had to re-do it and after rectifying the mistake, he gave me the video on Sunday and we had to release it on Monday. So there is no way it is connected to my baby. I could not do such a thing. People will always talk but I do not care.

5.The Kyoyina Omanya video is fire! Tell us what it was like working with Sheebah… any chills?
The video is getting some good reception from people everywhere and working with Sheebah is a blessing to me. Working with Sheebah is a whole vibe – she is respectful, gives you the hype, the mood mehn, she is the best person anyone could ever work with and apart from that, she is an artiste you do a song with and she promotes it like crazy. She is always posting it, pushing it and that makes me respect her even more. She is always motivating me not to give up and to try out new things. I can say Kyoyina Omanya is definitely my breakout song.

Moving on…

You can never get over the loss of your baby. It still hurts me but I cannot take days off my job. That is the only thing I am left with right now that is going to give me comfort, so I cannot take days off.

If I had a chance with Aylin…
If I had chance to meet her, I would tell her how much I loved her and how she has changed my life. And I would keep telling her this.

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