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Just like their posts out of pity

Without social media, you’d only be as important as your manicured toes!

I t is not news that most of our celebrities thrive on social media. When they stop posting, they fade into oblivion, with random once in a while references made about them in stories about the ghosts that once graced our entertainment industry. And that is only for the lucky few. And the rest of us normal people, well, we also love social media as much. We just do a better job of pretending not to.
Otherwise, why else do we keep viewing, liking, retweeting and forwarding things that would not add a strand of hair to our heads? So every time someone talks about how they went off social media for a year or maybe just months as a way of detoxing, or reorganising their lives, I look at them with so much admiration. Because, Lord knows I have tried.

The longest I went off social media was I think just three days. Now, I am not an addict or an ardent user but even with my low level usage, turns out, I am kinda hooked. Now imagine the addicts or the people who are paid to feign interest in companies, products and people also known as influencers? Or our bu celebs? It must be torture when their phone blacks out, perhaps due to a dead battery or no data.
So when someone like Angella Katatumba recycles a flaunt your wealth challenge from a zillion skillion years ago and proudly calls it “her new challenge” like it was an original creation of her ‘genius’ mind, it is understandable. Or when a spoilt size zero slay teenager demands an apology from a TV show bully and gives an ultimatum of 48 hours but even after the said hours elapse and nothing comes of the threat, still we understand.

We understand that without social media you’d only be as important as your manicured toes, we’d probably never think of you because, well there’d be nothing to remember you by. I guess TV and radio would be making so much money from people begging to be hosted or talked about.
I mean, all those freebies and money given to influencers would now be for the more traditional media. So perhaps, Angella would call our Sqoop crew and show us pictures of her recycled very unoriginal mbu challenge and then, we’d probably say, ‘Tujakuyita’.
So yeah, be kind to our people bambi. Read their fake posts, comment if you can, retweet or like, just do something so they can know that we see them. Think of it as a random act of kindness.

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