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VIDEO: Crysto Panda crowns self king of the mic



Singer Crysto Panda has said that he is the king of the mic and he doesn’t copy anyone.

“I am the king of the mic, I’m not trying to be like anyone,” he said.

He adds that he is unique and doesn’t want to be like anyone especially MC Kats since he is unique in his own ways.

“I am not copying MC Kats because he can’t sing like I do,” he said.

Crysto Panda adds that there is no presenter who can act like an MC or even a singer.

“When I hear people saying I’m trying to battle Kats, I’m not dissing him. I respect the guy. That guy is a legend. He is a king of kings when it comes to music. The experience he has I don’t have it,” he said.

He emphasizes that Kats and him are kings in their own different ways.

Crysto Panda also says he didn’t come out to talk about the death of his child immediately because he believes that people have enough problems already.

While appearing on KFM DMighty Breakfast show, Panda says that he also didn’t tell his workmates because he wanted the shows to continue without any disruption.


He adds that he worked and entertained people while he had pain in his heart since his child was sick and his partner, the mother, was in a coma.

“I am a guy who likes what I’m doing. I’m so passionate when it comes to my job, I give it my very best. I went through many problems when I was growing up. I hustled a lot. It took me four years to get a job,” he said.

He adds that he lost his mother at an early age something that taught him to hustle and get up and work hard.

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