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Rocky P: Inspired by past to do gospel

Oyam star: Patrick Opito, aka Rocky P, is a songwriter and Gospel musician whose drive to do music was inspired by his past. He shares his music journey with Isaac Otwii.

Who is Rocky P?
My real name is Patrick Opito. I am 25 years old and I was born in Oyam District, Myene Sub-county.

What kind of music do you do?
I am still focused on doing Gospel music, although I intend to start doing reggae, dancehall and afrobeat.

What songs have you worked on?
I just finished recording and recently released two gospel songs. The first song, Forgive Me, was produced by Bad Man Nerio of Empire Records and the video was done by Brayo Producer of Bb Plex Film.
The other, Ginoro Pe, was produced by Brayo at BB Plex Machine. I am currently working on a dancehall song titled Nyeko, which I will probably release by the end of this month.

How did you join the music industry?
Music is something I started enjoying from childhood and I have always hoped I would one day make it in the music industry.

What do you think of music in northern Uganda?
Artistes in northern Uganda are good. I should say we are more than creative, but we only lack people to promote us. We also lack access to good studios that could have backed our music career.

How do you rank yourself in the music industry?
I cannot compare myself with any artiste, but I have musicians that I inspire me to work hard. I strongly believe I will be like them when the right time comes.

Who are the musicians you look up to?
Okeng Born Town, Eddy Wizzy, Rakas, Judas, Mzee B, Professor Maros, Pato Lover Boy and many more.

What does the future hold for you musically?
I see a bright future in a few years to come. I have always seen a lot of compliments from people saying I can do good music. I have also been told by my fans that I am a humble musician.

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