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Ugandan UK based artiste Gayita shots music video in lockdown

A scene from the video shoot

As most countries are just planning to ease the lockdown, it has been a tough three months for some countries especially England.

Apart from the essential workers, no one was expected to move outdoors but that couldn’t stop Joseph Nsubuga Gayita alias Joe Gaya , a London based Ugandan artiste from shooting his latest video on the streets.

The video was shot in London directed by Nathaniel Media, a Ugandan director based in London.

The song titled ‘Gumpe‘ was written by Jafar Musoke aka Bambino, an artiste, and writer from Uganda and produced by Pro. Ronnie from Sweetest sounds.

Even though some parts were shot on the streets of London, it was mostly shot indoors with some parts being shot in an elevator.

The song is in both Luganda and English making it more diverse. Joe Gaya was raised by a single mother who Nakityo Ssebutemba (RIP) before joining his father in the United Kingdom at the age of 9.


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