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Nince Henry opens up on life under lockdown and his music career

Nince Henry

Since Uganda announced the coronavirus outbreak, different stakeholders have come together to contribute to the fight, using the tools at their exposure. As companies continue to contribute money, foodstuffs, and sanitizers, musicians have also resorted to utilizing their platforms to create awareness through music. One such musician is Henry Sekyanzi aka Nince Henry who has partnered with Airtel Uganda to create a song to thank the frontline workers for their efforts in curbing the pandemic in Uganda.

Nince Henry, rose to fame as a songwriter and has written popular hits for many musicians including Bobi Wine, Rema Namakula, Juliana Kanyomozi, Bebe Cool, and many others. 

Sqoop caught up with him to discuss his contribution to the pandemic and the new song, life in quarantine and his music career.

How has quarantine and the lockdown been treating you?

The lockdown has treated me not quite different from the rest of the artistes. However, I have been writing and reading a lot as the positive habits I can say have developed within this time! I have been working on a number of projects including my own and other artistes music which you will hear very soon.

The coronavirus pandemic has continued to affect the entire country and the world with more confirmations of infected people. This has called for contributions from everyone with a platform, what have you as an artiste done about it?

First of all, I would like to send my prayers to all those individuals who have tested positive and are battling the disease as well as their families. My prayers go out to you and I wish you a quick recovery. Since this virus came into Uganda, I have seen many different companies working alongside the government to help fellow Ugandans and I think this is a moment of pride. My contribution was in the means of what I know best which is music. I have worked with Airtel Uganda to compose a song that talks about this pandemic.

Should we expect new music from you after the lockdown since u had a lot of time to yourself?

I have already started releasing music. Apart from the song called ‘Thank You’ which is a project funded by Airtel Uganda, I have also released ‘Ngenda Jaali’ which is more of the mainstream music.

Speaking of the ‘Thank You’ project, how did you land the deal?

Well Airtel approached me, we came to an agreement, and ‘Thank You’ is the outcome.

Tell us more about this song

The song that we worked on is called ‘Thank You’. This song is about appreciating the health workers who have risked their lives to treat the patients. Without them, I am sure the situation would be a lot worse. I am very happy to use my talent and also about this partnership as we front this cause.

I should add – during the making of this song and all the interactions with Airtel Uganda, we were very careful to maintain social distancing and wear masks to ensure we are protecting ourselves and everyone around us.

So why a song? I am sure there are many other ways you could create awareness as a local celebrity.

We artistes believe in the power of music as a tool that can be used to tell stories to the public. First of all, we have fan clubs and people who believe in us and will always play our music. These people will benefit from the message in my song Thank you.

Secondly, I want this song to become widely played so that whenever you come across a health worker even after the pandemic has passed, you remember to be grateful to them. These people are under-appreciated and yet they are doing such a remarkable job.

There have been many Coronavirus songs what makes yours different?

What makes mine different is that I am not talking about what everyone is talking about, and I have Uganda’s number one telecommunication company which is Airtel behind me! I am focusing on appreciating those at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus

You took some time off music why was that?

In 2015 I worked on an album that was intended to change my sound and style of much to a more urban kind of feel. I released the first single off the album dubbed ‘Boda Boda’ but then I travelled to the USA and that project died.

When I returned, I had already lost interest in the album and decided to put it aside and work on new music which brings back the old Nince Henry feel but combined with a more urban and current sound and beats on the market. And from that, I have now released NGANDA JAALI after which more others will follow.

You are a great songwriter which is your best song ever written?

I have three, ‘Obuyonjo’ by Bobi Wine, ‘Bilowozo’ by Iryn Namubiru, and ‘Bankuza’ by Chosen Becky.

Which artiste would you like to write for and which artiste would you like to collaborate with on a song?

Any artiste that I have not written for although they are very few and any artiste who understands the importance of collaborating on a song.

What do we expect from Nince Henry musically in 2020?

A lot of good music.

Last words to fans

I encourage Ugandans to play this song and share it on all different platforms. As we continue the fight against Covid-19, it is important to remember to show our appreciation to the frontline health workers. From Airtel Uganda and myself, I would like to say thank you to the health workers. I also remind all Ugandans to adhere to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health in order to protect yourselves and families.

To you all my fans, I love you, and please follow me on Twitter Instagram and like my Facebook page ie Nince Henry The Cullinan. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out any good music that I am intending to put out, I love you.

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