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My DM is 200% on fire — Ddane

Lynda Ddane

#NTVDancePARTY queen: She is trending and from the look of things, the lockdown has served us some hot sauce in Lynda Ddane. Although she has been around, the NTV presenter caught the attention of many from Saturday Dance Party. Isaac Ssejjombwe had a one on one with her.

You are a hot cake right now… How fired up is your DM since your Twitter handle blew up?

It is at 200 per cent [hahaha]. But from the beginning, I knew that the attention comes with the job. It has somewhat become my new normal and I try to pay no mind and just keep doing me.

Would you say the lockdown has sort of been a blessing in disguise for you?

Yes it has; it really has. I was fortunate enough to be accorded the honour of hosting the NTV Dance Party and got me a couple of other opportunities that you will get to know of in the near future and I believe it is hard work.

How were you selected to be part of the NTV Dance Party hosts?

Once the concept had been drawn, the producer reached out to me and… Boom!

Who is Lynda Ddane?

I am a jumpy character that fears conflict, believes in fairy tale love and I am also a Born Again Anglican. I do neither drink alcohol nor smoke but I love to dance and make noise.

So where do you derive all that energy?

From my love for music… there is something in music that just makes me meoooww. Plus when I am around people I am comfortable with, I become a blabbermouth.

Is NTV the first station you have worked for?

No. I started on Urban TV doing the Campus 101 then went to UBC before joining NTV.

I left UBC to re-invent myself, focus on myself and my religion as well as recover from a tough time I had been going through.

What exactly were you going through, if you do not mind sharing?

Well, it was personal, but not entirely based on work. I was struggling with insomnia for some reason and it was having an effect on me, my energy and health. But I later managed to get through it by God’s grace.

You joined NTV as a presenter on The Beat. How did you get there?

The silly comic videos on my social media got the attention of the producer so they called me in for a couple of screen tests and voila, I got the job.

What was your first day like on the NTV set?

My first teaser on The Beat was on May 7, 2019 (I had my back to the camera) as it was just an unveiling, and on my first show after that, I was so nervous… I recall making quite a number of bloopers.

What is it like working with Daggy Nyce and Sammy?

Sammy is friendly, poetic with solutions to every silly problem however inapplicable while Daggy Nyce is the life of the party.

What do you like about your TV job?

My job is fun. I get paid to have fun and be me. NTV is a family down from my very tenacious and outstanding producer and now acting manager (Annie Nixon) all the way to the crew; it is a whole learning curve. I cannot complain.

Who is your inspiration in the media world?

In Uganda, that would be Crystal Newman while on the international scene, I look up to Boitumelo Thulo.

Would you consider this your breakthrough moment?

“Breakthrough”, yes… but not yet my peak.

A little bit more…


I am the second born of four children; half Rwandan, half Ugandan. I studied from both Kigali and Kampala. I have a degree in Quantitative Surveying from Makerere University and a degree in Information Technology from Kampala International University.

What makes me different…

My gap, my natural sense of humour, and I am a beauty with brains.

Besides TV…

I recently joined Radiocity as a presenter. I have also been doing my personal customising in branding like phone cases, among others.

Your ideal man…

I am very much unmarried and my ideal guy is definitely not in the limelight but he should be God fearing, respectful and someone who understands me.

The Lockdown…

It has been all work, nothing much has changed.

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