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Kings of #NTVDanceParty

Crysto Panda

Crysto Panda

People are sending me money

How did I join the NTV Dance Party? Well, they had first selected Mr Mosh to host but since it is Ramadan, he could not do it so they called me up.

I think I was selected because of my energy, following and the new generation vibe.

The dance party means a lot to me because since the show started, people have been sending me money in appreciation for turning up their weekends. For example, last Saturday Kabs Haloha sent me Shs1m and also my following has grown.

I like the vibe on the show; my co-hosts are good and we respect each other a lot as each of us gets a session to hype to avoid congestion on set.

My highlight on that show has always been the time I am given and the belief my team has in me and the viewers and NTV diehards who have nicknamed me the King of the Mic.

About the competition… I am too professional and I believe it is just the way you see Ronaldo and Messi on the pitch – there is no mercy but off the pitch it is all one love. To me, there is no beef but of course the fans get emotional. By the way, we be talking and joking… they even play my songs on their show. It’s called healthy competition.

The lockdown is putting everyone down, including me and I did not even get a chance to celebrate my birthday on May 6 as I always do but regardless, we move on. Lockdown has taught me a lot of things, such as cooking; I never used to cook for myself but nowadays I do and I have learnt how to focus more on myself and be better.

When I wake up, I pray, shower, clean up my house, prepare lunch, eat, watch a movie or do research on my laptop. I work out between 7pm and 10pm then shower. I then watch a movie or TV, pray and sleep again. That is my daily routine until Saturday.

Mc Esco

Mc Esco

I know of no competition

The NTV Dance Party has kept our viewers entertained at home and also re-vamped weekend television programming to make it fun during the weekend and l think it is the real deal that will stay to offer entertainment to viewers across the globe and also promote our Ugandan music industry.

I was selected to headline it because my bosses trust me when it comes to musical concepts that l have. To me, this is another opportunity to add to my CV, gain more experience and also add to my 50K.

I love the fact that people love it and it has awakened the Saturday audience that might not be able to go out but can enjoy from home. It has also created a platform to elevate new talent among music show hosts, producers, name them.

I like my co-hosts because they are the best l can team up with to do the unthinkable and also create awesome episodes. It so happens that we have managed to tag different age brackets and audiences that each of us represents and you can see it in the way each of us does their thing.

The way we drop surprise acts and the character of hosts mainly Lynda… plus our DJs who I would say are way creative with their versatility, their sets and not forgetting the camera team… to be honest, who has done those shots like we do?

About the competition… there is literally no battle because we do not find a problem trending on Saturdays… looking at our viewers’ feedback, they only watch the dance party on Saturday. I am also glad that we have kept the legacy as trendsetters. We do not have beef with anyone because we are in our number one lane. I want to thank the fans that are always glued…thank you for the love.

The lockdown has taught me quite a number of things, including spending time with family and learning how to plan ahead because anything can happen and you cannot be able to do the normal. For the industry l operate in, l have also learnt that we can sell a lot online.

It is a challenge of course to stay home without being able to move and also do business like you used to, but we have to mind about staying alive by abiding by the regulations from the Ministry of Health and the President. I am lucky that at least not all my work is at a standstill.

I spend my weekdays doing lots of exercises because with staying home comes a lot of eating which requires exercise to stay in shape.

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