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I left NTV because of mistreatment, not poor pay – Justine Nameere

Justine Nameere

Sheilah Gahumba’s recent post about employee exploitation happening at NTV Uganda has seen several people come out to talk about the issue. In a post that set twitter on “fire”, Sheilah said that NTV Uganda doesn’t pay their presenters what they are worth stating that they are paid only fifty thousand shillings per show. Among the people that commented on the issue is Justine Nameere who was once an employee of NTV Uganda.

According to the former NTV presenter, it was not because of the poor pay that she left NTV but rather the mistreatment she was subjected to while working at the station.

“First of all, me I did not leave NTV because of poor pay, I left NTV because of mistreatment! My happiness at the station ended with the Kenyan management,” she stated.

Justine Nameere worked as a host on the Life Stories TV show on NTV Uganda but resigned in 2013 with claims that the new manager at the station was making her life there difficult.

Nameere says her happiness at NTV Uganda ended when the Kenyan management that was in charge of the station at the time left. Ever since she NTV Uganda, Nameere has tried her luck at several other TV stations including Urban TV, Bukedde TV, UBC TV, Salt TV, NBS TV, before she decided to quit TV. She has now decided to concentrate on politics as she is eyeing the Central Region Youth MP.

This is why Justine Nameere felt the urge to say something in line with what Sheilah revealed last Friday. In a statement shared through her Facebook account, Nameere claims that despite holding a powerful fully sponsored show at NTV, after the departure of the Kenyan management, the new management exploited her so much. She says that the new management allocated several duties that weren’t part of her job description.

Despite the exploitation, Nameere, kept working because of the passion and despite all, her salary was okay and without her asking was increased 4 times in 2 years on top of bonuses.

” I WAS OKAY WITH MY SALARY, BESIDES MY SALARY AT NTV WAS INCREASED FOUR TIMES IN TWO YEARS! On top of that I got bonuses every time I made it to in-house wall of fame, got awards, etc! (Kenyans are charming managers??)! Yet ironically I NEVER ONCE ASKED FOR A SALARY INCREMENT OR BONUS OR AWARDS, ALL I DID WAS WORK,” she added.

Nameere reveals that she couldn’t tolerate mistreatment from one of the managers at the station and she had to resign in good faith but the same manager conducted tabloids to report that she was fired.

She urges presenters to be smart and make use of their content on online channels like YouTube where they can make extra cash.

Despite not agreeing on the way Sheilah put her point across, Nameere acknowledges her points as she stresses that the Ugandan TV industry is the least paying in comparison to fellow industries in the East African region.

Nameere concluded by asking journalists and presenters to be united, form groups, and associations to have a united voice to advocate for anything from their employers.  She also cautioned them to be mature and civil in their approach being mindful that business owners suffered to build their empires.

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