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I don’t like the way Kats doesn’t respect my privacy- Fille 

Fille Mutoni

Singer Fille Mutoni has been off the social scene for a while. 

Since her baby’s father, MC Kats went public about his HIV status, the artiste has left fans guessing what is happening in her life. 

While appearing on NBS TV show, The Chatroom, with Karitas Karisimbi, Fille revealed lots of stuff and poured out her heart about the entire situation. 

Considering all that was going on around her relationship and her life, Fille revealed that she suffered depression and thought it wise to check into a rehabilitation centre. She says she spent three weeks at the rehab. 

“With the support from my mother, I decided to take myself to rehab where I was for three weeks. It was a very hard time because I couldn’t be with my daughter but I had to go through that phase in order to come out strong,” Fille said.

Fille pointed out that among the causes for her depression was the fact that Mc Kats went public about his health status without informing her. 

“Not that it was a bad thing but the timing was bad. I respect his boldness and guts to come out with his status but it was so wrong the way he did it. He should have at least told me that he was coming out. He didn’t think of the aftermath of all this. What it could do to his family. He was so selfish,” she said. 

The ‘Squeeze’ artiste further stated that with all Kats has made her go through, she will never again be involved with him. However,  she said that they can be co-parents because she wouldn’t want her child to grow up without a father in her life the way she grew up.

When asked if she’s ready to fall in love again, “I’m a work in progress for the next relationship,” was her response.

The other bit that has pushed their relationship further is the way Kats handles things.

“He’s always on social media telling the whole world things that don’t concern them. I’m a private person who tucks in all my problems to myself but as I’m doing this, someone is out there spilling even lies on social media to get sympathy.”

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