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Five secrets Juliana Kanyomozi has kept from Ugandans

Juliana Kanyomozi while she was pregnant

Does this country even have a person more secretive than pop artiste Juliana Kanyomozi? This is in to her new born son, Taj. It is like she decided to become pregnant and yet for nine months, no one seemed to notice. Not even those girls that call themselves gossip queens. She kept the cards close to her chest that even when she has announced the baby exists, no one is still sure if the birth happened in Uganda or the US.

Not even the father is known to the public. Generally, she’s a started a game where she owns all the cards and rules. For instance, even when people have been congratulating her upon the birth of Taj on Wednesday, word is that the baby may have been much earlier.

But before the beginning of this week, these are five other secrets Juliana Kanyomozi has kept from her Ugandan followers.

Her home

Many Ugandan celebrities have always talked about where they stay. Talk about Bebe Cool, we all know Kiwatule. Bobi Wine’s home is Magere. For Radio and Weasel, it was always their Neverland Ranch in Makindye. Sheebah stays in Munyonyo. For all these years, it has been easy for the audience to know which artiste stays where. Yet in relation to Juliana, this has never been disclosed. You could find that unlike Bebe Cool whose Hummer was another part of his identity at one time, the public doesn’t even know which car Juliana drives. This is the case with her home, besides allegations that she could be living in Munyonyo or Entebbe Road, the artiste has managed to keep this a top secret. You won’t find pictures of her home being published as it is with many of her colleagues.

Her romance with… goodness knows who

Then a story of her love life happened. It was well known Amon Lukwago was the father of her late son. When they did not work out however, she had a very public relationship with American based Ugandan boxer Kassim Oum; at times he joined her on stage as she performed. But such is her love of privacy that a crowd of adoring fans almost ran over Juliana when the boxer returned to Uganda for the first time since he had left as an army deserter. Then they broke up.

Since then, verifying information about a relationship involving Juliana became the hardest thing to do. She was linked to all sorts of people such as Kenyan actor Ian Mbugua, footballer and business man Mujib Kasule, Lwasa and King Lawrence. It’s like every name people could imagine was thrown alongside her, yet, she never denied or acknowledged.

And even with a new born, people are still speculating about the possible father.

Relationship with Iryn Namubiru

Iryn Namubiru and Juliana started out together as I-Jay. Iryn left the country, got married and started a family in France. This of course was the end of I-Jay the music duo – Iryn kick started a career in France and in the same spirit, solo artiste and radio presenter Juliana Kanyomozi was born. Both artistes enjoyed some success in their respective markets. And then Iryn returned home.

Word was that Juliana wanted nothing to do with Iryn. But of course, none of the two artistes confirmed this. For the years that followed, the two consolidated themselves as the most sought after vocalists but still, no one knew the status of their relationship.

Many said they were fighting each other secretly. However, towards the end of 2013, the two shocked Ugandans when they showed up to support guitarist Myko Ouma at a show. They were not simply attending but performing a song together. The two later featured on ‘Tubonga Nawe’ a song that featured other artistes endorsing candidate Yoweri Museveni for presidency.

How and when had they made up remained a question, that is if they had had a misunderstanding to begin with.

Sit down with Yana

There was a time Juliana was not releasing music or a new video. But as you could imagine, people were still speculating she would be dropping new music. She did not. In 2018 however, she released an album that seemed to be a surprise package altogether. Instead of pushing the album however, Juliana launched an online talk show, Sit down with Yana. Here she talked to different female artistes and influencers such as Faridah Nakazibwe, Roz Merie Atim, Sheebah Karungi and Rema Namakula among others.

But even before the show did 10 episodes, it stopped airing. In a Facebook response, Juliana would later reveal that Sit down with Yana simply went off the webs because it had served its purpose.

Which purpose?

Probably only Yana herself knows.

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