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COVID-19: Desire Luzinda questions church on support for the gospel music industry

Desire Luzinda

Singer Desire Luzinda recently relocated to the US and is now a gospel singer who uses her fame to preach the gospel.

Due to the recent situation, the singer has come out to question the church on what it has done to support gospel artistes during this COVID-19 period.

It is no secret the music industry has been severely affected by the Coronavirus pandemic after social gatherings were stopped to avoid the spread of the deadly virus. Despite the ban on concerts where most local artistes used to earn a living, some have resorted to organizing online concerts.

The gospel artistes, however, have been left out of these online concerts because most are sponsored by beer brands and according to Desire Luzinda it would be a compromise of faith to perform on such shows.

Through her Facebook page, the singer questioned how the church has helped its gospel singers through this period of a pandemic which seems far from over.

According to the ‘Kale‘ singer, most church leaders always ask to attend the gospel concerts with free invitations as the secular singers keep getting big money deals from top companies.

“So while these companies are coming up with ways to support the artists (something I must appreciate them for), how about the gospel artists? Truthfully, there are many established churches whose treasury is still adequate. When it comes to concerts, while companies come out to sponsor secular artists you will never hear of churches support their own,” she posted.

She asked the church to arise in this time of need and give back to the gospel artistes who have stood by their faith or risk losing them because they will be forced to resort to going secular to earn a living.

After her post, some followers appreciated her doe standing up for gospel artistes while others misunderstood the whole message claiming that the was attacking the church. In a different post Luzinda makes it clear that it is just a discussion and not an attack on any church.

“I went through all the comments and while the people in the Gospel industry were appreciating me for speaking about the problem of lack of support from the church, some of you kept saying singing is ministry and it should be free. My question is, the same songs are recorded at a fee. If the musicians sing for free where will they get the money to record the songs? How are they supposed to survive? PUT IN MIND THIS IS JUST A DISCUSSION NOT AN ATTACK ON THE CHURCH,” she posted.

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