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Chameleone’s dream was to sing with Bebe Cool – Weasel

Bebe Cool gifted Chameleone with birthday cake made by Zuena

Yesterday singer Jose Chameleone celebrated his 41st birthday. He was showered with lots of love by not only his friends and family but by his fans as well.

Among those who wished Chameleone a happy birthday was his longtime nemesis Bebe Cool. The ‘Wire Wire’ singer didn’t stop at that but also took him a birthday cake baked by Zuena.

As the two were catching up on lost time, Weasel, Chameleone’s brother was busy speaking of the contribution the two have made to the Ugandan music industry.

“Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have contributed a lot for the industry and they should be celebrated. They helped us forget about Congolese music,” he said while appearing on Spark TV.

The Goodlyf artiste further said that he remembers back in the day before Chameleone went to Nairobi, he wanted to sing with Bebe Cool.

“I remember Chameleone telling me that his wish was to sing with Bebe Cool before he met him in Nairobi. At the time, Bebe Cool was already an established artiste in Kenya and his wish eventually came true,” Weasel said.

Weasel also added that we should also start celebrating our own. “If it’s Chameleone we should celebrate him. If it’s Bebe or Bobi’s we should also celebrate him. If it’s mine we should do the same because we have to be there for our own.”

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