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Bryan White Attacks promoter Balaam, calls upon President for help

In a recorded Facebook video, socialite Bryan White has alleged that his life is at risk and blamed Events Promoter Balaam Barugahare for being behind it all. In the video, Bryan White warned Barugahare to stop using some wrong people in security to threaten him with arrest.

In his rant, Bryan White says his tormentors should kill him instead of threatening him. “I am tired of these men if you want to kill me come and do so instead of threatening me. I left State House for you after realizing that you people don’t love this country and are only interested in stealing the president,” an angry Bryan shouted.

In the video, Bryan often described Balaam as one of the people at the forefront of the witch-hunt. Bryan accused the events organizer of often plotting to have him arrested on top of his cars and money being stolen.

Angrily, Bryan alleged that the same mafias are fabricating photos and videos which will be published to shame him and tarnish his image in the public.

“You planted spies at my home, you alleged that I don’t pay taxes but I can assure you that for the two years that I dished out money, I paid more taxes than you will ever pay Balaam,” Bryan White said.

Bryan White called upon President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to come to his rescue after several threats on his life were raised. He said that his wealth is the reason why he has always been targeted by the mafias in the country.

“President, you need to take away these people. Your people want to kill me over things I don’t understand, you need to bail me out,” he said.

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