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Bongo Flava star reveals why he parted ways with Thai bae

Bongo flava star Juma Jux with his ex Nayika during better days. PHOTO | COURTESY

Bongo Flava hunk singer Juma Jux has revealed the reasons that led to his parting ways with his ‘Asian bae’ Nayika.

Jux started dating the Asian brunette sometime in April last year, months after being dumped by her then longtime girlfriend, singer Vanessa Mdee.

Months after introducing Nayika to the world, Vanessa also flaunted her new catch, Nigerian-American actor and singer Rotimi.

Whereas Vanessa’s relationship with Rotimi has continued to blossom to an extent of pushing her to take a music sabbatical, the same cannot be said of her ex Jux.

After months of serving couple goals on social media, Jux has found himself single and maybe searching again.

Unlike in Vanessa’s case, where he told his fans that she dumped him, the bongo singer has revealed that he is the one who decided to call it quits on Nayika.

Jux, while chatting with radio personality Shaffie Weru recently, stated that he could not handle a long distance relationship hence he decided to call it quits.

“It didn’t work out man, long distance is so difficult. Now I don’t want women from far away, I can’t manage them, I can’t take it anymore. Now I’m single. Nayika is from Thailand

I knew her for a while and we became a little serious. The thing is distance only, she can’t move here and I can’t move there because I have things to do, so we were getting to the place which is too much to handle, so we parted ways,” Jux explained.

The two former lovebirds have since deleted all the couple goals pictures which they had shared on their various social media accounts after parting ways.

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