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The co-ord trend for men

RELAXED: Trends come and go and as we keep locked up, the fashionistas are not lying back. Latest to hit the IG streets is the co-ord trend for men


Quarantine may be keeping us locked up, but you definitely shouldn’t let it cramp your style. Just because we are stuck home, doesn’t mean your chill outfits should be boring as well. And that is what I love most about today’s fashion recommendation. You will be slaying, but still remain comfortable. The co-ord fashion trend is derived from the word coordinated, and this look moves in absolute coordination. Still don’t think this trend is for you? Read on and see how to get on with the co-ord.

To start off, you need to choose your co-ord set in a cute and fun print. There are many options available from various designer brands such as addidas, Asos, Fashionnova men, Yeezy and so many others. So there is definitely going to be a set or two that fit your personal style and preferences.
For a first look, you can try to wear your co-ord set in a tie and die print, and you have the option of having on a t-shirt or a long sleeved sweat shirt for the top. Pair this with a pair of crisp white low top sneakers. You can step this up by adding some sporty socks to this ensemble.

Another option could be wearing this matching set in a warm hue such as peach or baby blue. Pair this with a pair of slides, and the choice to add socks to this is all yours. However, it would be better to leave those out completely, and go sockless.
The third and final way to get on this fashion bandwagon is by wearing your coordinated set, preferably in stripes or checks, and then add a pair of strap men’s sandals to this look. This is a great substitute for when you want the look to be dressier and choose to replace the sandals with a more serious foot accessory.

There aren’t many rules when it comes to this trend. Just find a set that fits well, and find a shade that you can pull off and slay on!

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