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It took me years to love again – Selector Williams


Williams Mukisa, alias Selector Williams is a radio presenter with Radio Sapientia, and one of the leading music analysts in Uganda. He doubles as the station’s manager and one of the sought after music consultant. Nicolas Akasula had a chat with him about life, music and career.

How would you describe yourself?
I am an orphan parented by God. Good music and I are inseparables.

So what occupies most of your time?
Radio programming, music consultancy, training and training prospective radio presenters.

How much was your first salary?

It was Shs250,000 but I was never assured of getting it. Throughout my radio journey, I have persevered a lot. I have learnt a lot and also gained a lot.

And how do you spend your free time?
Whenever I am free, I read a book or engage in research. I use every moment I have for research.

What would you have done if it wasn’t radio presenting?
I would have been a preacher. It’s sad that along the way, I lost focus.

Are you hooked or still on the shelf?
I am not married but am engaged to my future wife. Marriage is a life time decision which should never be rushed.

How did you deal with your first ever love heartbreak?
At first I thought that hating all women would work. But I discovered that I was never hurt by all women. After reflecting upon reasons for the break up, I gave it another shot. However, it took me several years to love again. I thought another heartbreak would occur. Today I am totally healed.

What are the colour themes for your wardrobe?
Black and red.

What inspired you into journalism?
As a child, I used to listen to BBC, Voice of Tooro, Radio Uganda, Capital FM and CBS FM on my small radio set. Whenever the BBC anchors read news, I would imitate them. My favourite radio personalities then were Alex and Christine Mawadri, Abu Kawenja, Ahmed Bogere Masembe, who all inspired me to become the presenter I am today.

At a glance
Williams is a qualified mass communicator, with a certificate in Journalism and Mass communication.

He’s been on air for 12 years; having started out at Ssuubi FM. He’s currently at Radio Sapientia, where he presents a daily drive show; and on Saturday a music analysis and commentary program – Music Zone. He doubles as Station Manager there; a position he’s occupied since 2016.

Besides radio; Williams handles music consultancy roles; offering services in song writing, music training and directing for musicians; during recording sessions.

He’s also a former music producer, and earlier produced music for Diamond productions (a music group owned by Kato Lubwama).


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