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Some nights I run around my room when Mama Janet is sleeping- Museveni


President Museveni on Wednesday banned jogging in groups in public places as one of his latest measures to forestall the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

While updating Ugandans on the coronavirus situation in the country, President Museveni urged Ugandans to conduct physical exercises indoors.

“I saw a video of so many people on the Northern bypass walking and running around that, they are exercising. This should stop. If you want to exercise, you can do that indoors. I will show you how it is done tomorrow (April 9). I will do a video for you,” President Museveni said.

During his address, President Museveni reported that one more person had tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 53.

“Sometimes I return late in the night when Mama Janet is sleeping and I start running in the house. No more exercising in public. I’ll record a video of myself and show you tomorrow how you can exercise in your room,” President Museveni said.

Bans online exams

The president also cautioned schools administering online exams saying they should wait until the lockdown is over.

“Some people were putting pressure that they want an exemption to organize exams online. This is not understanding situations. People should stop speaking the language of normalcy in the period of abnormalcy. There is a time for everything, this is not the time for exams,” he said.

Harassment of health workers

He again lashed out at security personnel harassing and beating health workers and other Ugandans in the pretext of enforcing curfew.

“I am sorry that LDU’s stopped medical doctors and harassed them before the stickers came. I am very sorry about that. I also have problems with my security people who like beating people. This must stop, I don’t want to see a security person beating people,” he said.


Arrest landlords who evict tenants over rent

He also urged landlords not to evict their tenants until the situation normalizes. He said police would arrest the landlords who evict tenants over rent.

“To the landlords trying to evict people because of rent, this is not allowed. We are all in a #COVID-19 crisis. The world is not ending today; you can always demand your money later when all this is over,” the president said.

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