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What they are doing with their Quaran-time

LOCKDOWN: Where there is a party in Kampala, they are likely to show up. Their faces are the picture of Kampala’s nightlife and as we enter into part two of the Covid-19 lockdown, we cannot help but wonder what life is like for some of these people. Isaac Ssejjombwe sought out some of these party animals on how they are spending their days and nights under lockdown.

Gareth Onyango – Working from home

I have been staying in and following the guidelines by the Ministry Of Health. It has been a bit hard but I am used now. I work from home and mostly on Skype with my business partners. That aside, I cook and I have also been working out, especially cardio from home and doing long distance road work until it was abolished. I also watch a lot of TV and listen to mixtapes made by my DJs during the evening.


Isaaac Katende (Kasuku) – I exercise and party alone

I stocked enough whisky to take me for some time. So I go to work on Spark TV for the Twezimbe show every morning and when I return home, I have breakfast since I do not have it early in the morning. I then watch Netflix most of the day and in the evening, I take a stroll or skip the rope, have evening tea and at 10pm the party starts.

I have DJ mixes that I play as I sip on my favourite whiskey. Sometimes my neighbours Jonah and his brothers Joshua and Phillip tag along. We sleep late in the night since departure is at will.

Sheilah Gashumba – Cooking, watching movies and chilling

I am more of a home person, so this is normal to me. I just spend it cooking different meals and if you follow my Snapchat, you can see me giving people cooking recipes for both local and international dishes. I cook breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner. Besides that, my boyfriend and I watch series such as Vikings, which is actually our favourite. We also chill and drink some wine. I actually love the whole lockdown, to be honest. I ain’t complaining.

Judith Heard. PHOTO CREDIT: Judith Heard/Facebook

Judith Heard – Working out

Quarantine has not affected my partying because I stopped a few years ago. I have been a stay-home mother for some time, so I have been used to this life. However, it has only affected my business trips. I have been working on my Judith Heard Foundation (Dayone Campaign) seeking to end rape and sexual assault in the world. I was supposed to go to different parts of the country but that has not happened because of the lockdown.

But that aside, I have been well, and doing several exercises in self-quarantine ever since I returned from Tanzania.


Allan Kanyike (Dynamite) – I am mostly indoors, complying

Corona Virus is an unusual disease that has humbled even the superpowers. I came back to Uganda to retire and enjoy my freedom back home from the UK and I have been doing so until this situation.

As a senior citizen, I had to comply with the measures health workers availed to us. I pray that one day and soon God avails the medication for the coronavirus. I spend most of the time indoors. I have enough space for physical exercises and in the evening, I drink a little at home since I can access the drinks just opposite Ntinda Market from two depots. I make sure I buy them before the curfew.

Nana Kagga – Family time and reconnecting

I am trying to get more acquainted with my children during this quarantine period, understanding them as well as getting to know their different characteristics and traits. This period sort of made me aware of how disconnected we have become to society. How we do not know our neighbours and our children.

We have just basically been functioning on trying how to exist as opposed to living, so during this period, I have had to homeschool my children aged 10, six and four. In the evenings, I take walks and make it a point to speak to my neighbours because I have realised I do not know them so this period is making me reconnect with every single person I know through different avenues such as social media, walks and saying hello to everyone in the neighbourhood.

I am also making sure that my household is clean, tidying up, cooking different meals especially fresh food. We should be a little bit more conscious on what we spend our money on. There has been a lot of cutbacks on things that I would like to buy but I do not need. I am doing a lot of reading and writing as well. Besides that, I exercise, which is important as well.

Vince Musisi

Vince Musisi –I jog, cook, read and play board games

I wake up early, hit the shower, have breakfast and then go for a jog. I jog from Kiwatule upto Naalya then visit DJ Crim, who is still nursing wounds after a terrible accident early this year. It is here that I take a glass of water then run back through Kyambogo.

When I get home, I watch some movies but the challenge is that I have finished watching all the movies, so I resorted to reading novels and I am currently reading The Man Who Ate Everything.

I have also been making meals and inviting friends who can walk to my house and we eat together…carefully and observing the Ministry Of Health directives to keep safe. On some occasions, I go to my neighbour’s place to play board and video games in the evening. All in all, quarantine has not been so bad after all.



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