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We buy three pairs of the same shoes – B2C manager

Bobby Lash showing off his shoe collection

At the beginning of last week, a new challenge took over social media. The challenge was for the stay home men to post their outfits but most especially the shoes and it got Ugandans busy posting their wardrobes.

Among the last people to take part in the challenge was Bobby Lash, a member of the B2C boys. Bobby’s challenge was liked by many because he exhibited a huge number of pairs of shoes.

Of course on social media, there is always that one person looking for a mistake in every post. One of the users came out and posted different photos of the singers together while pointing out different shoes in different photos and identifying them in the challenge photo.

This was meant to paint a picture of how Bobby Lash used shoes from the three singers and used them in the challenge yet the initial plan of the challenge was to post your own.

As many people started throwing jibes at the singer and praising the social media person for being so critical, Enock Katete who is the manager of the trio came out to clarify the issue.

He said that Bobby Lash didn’t get all of the shoes that belong to B2C boys to take the picture as all shoes he used in the challenge belong to him.

“When they go out to buy shoes, they always look out for three pairs that are the same since they are used to wearing matching clothes on stage or during video shoots. This means that most of the shoes they own are of the same colour emphasising that that was Bobby’s collection” Katete said.


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