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We are not attacking Sipapa – Serena Bata and Chris Evans speak out

Singers Chris Evans Kaweesi and Serena Bata have teamed up on a new song dubbed ‘Bikalubye’. Serena Bata who is now signed to Abitex Promotions after throwing in the towel at Sipapa Entertainment says she chose to put her music career first which is why she left the latter.

It should also be known that Serena Bata was not only signed to Sipapa Entertainment but was also in a relationship with Sipapa real name Charles Olim.

According to the two singers, the song that talks about a woman who is tired of her relationship for several reasons and wants to quit is not attacking anyone. They both say that it is dedicated to everyone that is having a hard time in their relationship especially during this lockdown period.

“I was contacted by Abitex who is Serena Bata’s manager to do a song with her. I welcomed the idea without hesitation and when we hit the studio, that is what we came up with,” Chris Evans said while appearing on Spark TV.

He went on to say that the song doesn’t attack anyone as he is not well conversant with Sipapa’s characters.

“The song is not directed to any particular person like people are claiming. I don’t even know Sipapa’s characters for me to start singing about him but if he feels like the song applies to him he can pick some advice,” he says.

He, however, notes that Serena Bata was emotional during the recording of the song. “She would step out of the studio and cry during our recording session. I don’t know if it was because she was going through what we were singing about,” he said.

According to Serena Bata, the song is for her fans who are going through this kind of situation.

“This song is not directed to any particular person, it is for my fans who may be going through a similar situation because these things happen to almost every woman,” she said.

She disputed rumours that she joined Abitex Promotions to fight Sipapa because the two promoters don’t get along very well.

“I left Sipapa Entertainment because my career was sinking, my manager was too busy and I was lagging behind that’s why I decided to seek new management,” she added.

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