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Virus lockdown forces Don MC to reinvent

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” so goes the adage.
However, seems Ugandan rapper, Rugambwa Rutaisire Donald popularly known by the stage name “DON MC” is living the reality of the phrase.

As the virus lockdown continues to threaten the music career of several local artists, among other entertainers, the Kibeeremu singer has resorted to the internet to promote his music and also reach his fans.
The artiste has a new song featuring fellow singer Pius Mayanja known by his stage name Pallaso.

The song titled ‘Olimubaya’ premiered on Don MC’s channel on Thursday (April 16).
Before the coronavirus pandemic started threatening the existence of human kind, artistes used to premier their videos on different entertainment TV shows like the Beat (NTV) while others opted to have video premiers in night clubs.
However, because of social distancing in a bid to forestall the spread of the virus and the closure of all hangouts as part of the lockdown, entertainers, like any other business, have been confined at their homes.

Even then, life has to go on for their survival and that’s part of the reasons for premiering the song online.
The 32-year-old singer has had a decent 2020 as his ‘Wulila disco’ single continues to receive airplay on most radio stations.

Meanwhile, Don MC is not the only Ugandan artiste who has reinvented. Recently, we saw Omulangira Suna also recording his live shows from his home, for his fans online.

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