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Ugandans demand apology from TV Presenter for Humiliating Miss Uganda

TV Presenter Joan Lule and reigning Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande

It was an unpleasant moment for Top Television viewers when one presenter, Joan Lule attacked reigning Miss Uganda Olivia Nakakande for failure to win the prestigious Miss World crown.

Live on television, Joan Lule a.k.a Iron Lady was seen yelling and shouting at Ms. Nakakande during a local show dubbed ‘The Cocktail’ and Ugandans are now demanding that the show presenter be fired over unprofessional conduct.

It all started when Lule threw direct shade at Nakakande’s face asking her how it felt like being a loser on a big stage.

“By the way you lost, how did that make you feel?” Lule kicked off her interview with that particular question, something that Miss Uganda admitted offended her.

She didn’t stop at that as she constantly attacked Miss Uganda for not making it to the top in the Miss World Pageant.

Ms. Nakakande who seemed shocked by the question pointed out that she was not a looser. She mentioned some of her achievements from the Miss World beauty pageant like emerging 4th runner-up at the contest and demanded an apology on live air.

She also noted, “I hold a Diploma in Journalism and I know you should never ask a person, “You lost, how do you feel about that?” That’s a very rude question.”

Lule said she would not apologise at all and that her initial statement was not offensive but rather was ‘meant to provoke her to list her accomplishments at the pageant.’

Lule then attempted to switch the conversation to President Museveni’s address but the Beauty Queen refused and requested that they continue the show without her.

The dramatic scenes saw Lule’s co-presenters gang up against her and demanding that she apologises to Ms. Nakakande before they could switch the conversation. The Programs Director later switched off the program.

The video clip of the show that has been making rounds on social media has seen many Ugandans come out to condemn Lule’s unprofessional conduct and even requested the management of Top TV fire her after she has publicly apologised.

Fellow queen Queen Peninah Nabirye posted “This tv presenter should give a public apology to the entire Uganda, our beautiful queen Oliver Nakakande and the entire pageant fraternity. Lady we are so offended by your lack of professionalism and inability to follow the ethical standards of journalism. In my life I haven’t seen someone as rude and disrespectful as you. Meanwhile if you think competing in a beauty pageant is a joke, please contest in any pageant this year and we see how many titles you can win in a beauty pageant before you put down people who have already made a name for themselves.”

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