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Ugandans ask government to emulate Kenyan President

Last evening Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta amid the coronavirus fight came out and announced some good news to the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Since the country is on lockdown and it is not business as usual President Kenyatta offered KSH100M which is equivalent to Shs3.6Bn to the entertainment industry in Kenya.

The beneficiaries of the money as mentioned by the President include singers, comedians and Movie actors among other people that make up the entertainment industry of Kenya.

The money that is going to be availed by the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Heritage is to be divided among these entertainers so that they keep on entertaining Kenyans on Radio, TV, and the internet during this lockdown period.

This prompted some Ugandans who are part of the entertainment industry to come out and ask the President of Uganda to emulate Kenyatta and do the same since the entertainment industry in Uganda is also not active ever since public gatherings and discos were banned by the President as one of the directives to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On the Facebook page of Fenon Records, one of the biggest events company in Uganda, a debate was put up asking their followers if the same should be done by our Ugandan Government.

One of the followers Johnson Ssempijja said that it was a beautiful concept in Kenya but when it comes to Uganda, only a few will benefit because the artiste’s leaders will use the chance to steal from the very uneducated artistes. After all, it has happened before.

Another user known as Maria Kiggundu said that she doesn’t find it proper unless there is some money going to fans and business people because COVID-19 has not only affected artistes but almost everyone in Uganda.


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