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Two musicians offer comic relief with “Kalantin” Updates

For him, the most important thing is to take care of his mind so he has been keeping himself busy and avoiding hyper information. Joseph Kahirimbanyi leader of Qwela Band invited Jonathan Bakimi, a friend and budding musician, to be quarantined with him.

“Bakimi and I sing and write songs, we are both Christians so we pray and worship together that’s why we started a video series called ‘Kalantin updates’,” Kahirimbanyi explains.

The ‘updates’ are about the light side of the dark situation that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought onto people. To Kahirimbanyi, people need some light moments to preserve their sanity.

This is an effort for us to be part of the solution. It is also a way to keep ourselves busy and also develop our skills. We believe that we will grow better out of this situation,” he adds.

The most important ingredient of the whole idea is that it is born out of boredom created by long days and evenings of sitting idle, stuck in the house. Days after the president announced a lockdown, the two thought they could put their minds to some creativity.

They had just had lunch when their creative juices cooked the idea. They got their camera out and began jokingly shooting. The ‘Kalantin Updates’ are funny and crazy and with the current boredom, viewers keep growing on Kahirimbanyi’s online platforms.

They invest three hours, sometimes less, in shooting the comic relief series before they proceed to edit them. “That part depends on the complexity of the concept, we use one camera so sometimes we have to do a lot of takes,” he says.

The lesson the musicians draw from the quarantine is that life can change so drastically in a moment. “It is good not to trust anything but God, to adapt as fast as possible and be stubbornly hopeful,” Kahirimbanyi adds.

He has plans for Kalantin. “We have started a YouTube channel for it and we plan to continue providing positive and fun content on this channel for as long as we are able to.”

Musically, he is working on a project called 50songs50weeks with fellow singer, Jude Kiracho and they have so far recorded 10 songs and the idea is to do one song each week.

“With the 50 songs project our theme is to be authentic as possible. Talk about issues with a point of view that we believe to be right and yet also apply as much creativity to it as possible so that we satisfy our artistic expression but also appeal to the everyday listener,” he explains.

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