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Two men receive 160 strokes of the cane for sharing a wife

Two men who have been sharing a wife in Apac District were on Wednesday subjected to 80 strokes of the cane, each, for committing an ‘abominable’ act.

Mr George Oola, 32, and Mr Vincent Akar Obura, 35, have been involved in asexual relationship with Ms Harriet Oola since 2018. 

The two men have been living with her as their wife in a grass-thatched hut at Aminkec ‘B’ Village, Ongica Parish in Chegere Sub-county.  

The woman was officially married to Mr Oola with whom they had three children. Mr Akar on the other hand was a close friend to the couple. 

However, in an interview with Daily Monitor, Mr Oola revealed that he allowed his friend to “satisfy his woman in bed” after becoming impotent following an illness.

“My wife was threatening to leave me and the children so that she could go and look for a man who can satisfy her sexual needs,” he said.

“When I realised that she was already in an affair with my friend, I told them to continue openly, but this time, staying with us in the same house,” he said. As a result, Akar also had a child with Mrs Oola. 

Mr Charles Aloci, Aminkec Village chairman, said recently Mr Akar was arrested by Mr Oola’s clan leaders for eloping with their son’s wife. After the arrest, Mr Oola pleaded with his clan leaders not to punish Mr Akar since the friend was helping him to feed the family.

“Youth leaders of the Adok Oyengo Owoo clan brought the matter to my office but Oola said he was comfortable with it, and the clan decided not to proceed with the issue,” the LC1 chairman said.

James Etonga, a youth leader, said their elders wanted Mr Oola’s wife to pick someone from within the Adok Oyengo Owoo clan to be her “service provider” but not an outsider.

“We were worried that if Akar died at our brother’s home, it may cause us problems,” he said.

Mr Etonga said the woman and her two husbands received close to 80 strokes of cane each on Wednesday and ordered to separate immediately. The beatings were administered by the Adok Oyengo Owoo clan youth.

“When I consulted the clan chief about the matter, he directed me to discipline them and separate them immediately. We caned them seriously and we don’t want them to continue,” Mr Etonga said.   

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