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TV presenter bows to pressure, apologises to Miss Uganda

Top TV presenter Joan Lule

Yesterday, Top TV’s employee Joan Lule was put on the spot for her misconduct that she exhibited on live television.

It all happened on Monday during a show dubbed “The Cocktail” where the reigning Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande was hosted to discuss woman empowerment.

During the discussion, the Mpigi Member of Parliament hopeful Lule asked Nakakande how it feels to loose in the Miss World Beauty Pageant, something that Nakakande considered as offensive.

Several fans of Nakakande and viewers of Top TV were disappointed about the way the TV journalist behaved live in the studio, something that made social media users demand for an apology after the clip of the show started making rounds.

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Joan who took the situation lightly took to twitter to defend her decision of not apologising to Nakakande and the viewers.

She posted saying she will not apologise because Miss Uganda didn’t understand the question. “What will you gain after, if your own miss Uganda failed to understand my question well don’t put it on me and I won’t apologize,” she posted.

After this tweet, it’s like she had added fuel to the fire. A one Brian Kawalya retweeted the post and asked, “Is this an apology or she is rubbing more salt in the rotting wound?”

Lule later put up another tweet that didn’t help her situation, it read, “I didn’t say that I am more beautiful than miss Uganda and I dint try to out compete with her however much I am also beautiful, she was just too slow to understand my question #UgandansWhy?”

Apart from condemning message in the tweet, her followers also made fun of her English. As social media users kept pestering her for an apology, she came out and made another statement that was still not convincing.

She posted, “Joan Lule is one woman who doesn’t believe in pulling other women down, I advocate for supporting and uplifting fellow women irrespective. Because I was misunderstood, doesn’t mean I dont know feminine values.

Dear friends, who are involving my name into issues of someone I hear was fired, 1. I dont know if what you’re posting is true.

  1. I dont rejoice over a fellow woman’s downfall (that’s if what u r posting is true).

Yes we might be parallel but another woman’s tribulation can never be my jubilation.

Joan Lule is so simple , soft, down to earth, very loving and understanding UNLESS PROVOKED!!! #staysafe #stayhome.”

The statement didn’t calm down the angry social media users and she finally gave in to the pressure. Early this morning at the start of the same show (The Cocktail), Lule apologized to the viewers, Nakakande and her fans for the misconduct.

“I Joan Lule on Monday went against my professional etiquette of a good host as a human. I was misperceived though I made it clear that I didn’t mean to offend her. Therefore, for going against professional ethics, I hereby apologize to my viewers and my guest because it was so unbecoming of me to lose emotional control, I lost my cool and yield at my guest which was not good so I am sorry.” She said.

Some Ugandans, however feel that the apology is not sincere.

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