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TUCA distances self from circulating clips of comedians asking for Gov’t help

Several comedians were filmed crying for help from wealthy people and the President by Spark TV on March 9, 2020. The filmed comedians include Taata Sam, Mighty Family, and Kabatta. They all lie under The Uganda Comedians Association (TUCA).

“I would like the President through Balaam to help us intervene in our situation just like how he has been doing for artistes. I’m here cooking sugarcane for my children, “Kabaata said.

Taata Sam also came out soliciting help saying that he has a lot of responsibility claiming that he is looking after 100 people at his home but ever since the lockdown, he can no longer manage to feed them.

These clips have made rounds on social media, catching the attention of many. However, TUCA has come out and distanced themselves from what these comedians said because according to the association, they are acts of insensitivity and mockery.

“It is with utmost disdain that we denounce the videos made by some of the comedians requesting aid from the government in the face of the global pandemic, COVID-19.The content in that video carries some elements of mockery and insensitivity and TUCA sees this as a very bad joke.

It is, however, worth noting that the comedians in the video acted in their capacities and their actions should not be seen as the general position of all comedians or TUCA, for that matter,” the TUCA document reads.
It further reads that the association will be engaging the individuals at the association level to ensure that such never crop up in the future.

“We want to conclude by offering an apology to the public on behalf of our colleagues. Such acts do not reflect the entire comedians’ fraternity and are truly regrettable.”

The document is signed by Ehmah Napoleone who is the spokesman of TUCA and are copied in the TUCA president Hannington Bugingo, the vice president Patrick Idringi aka Salvador, the patron Abby Mukibi. Agnes Akite the secretary and Timothy Nyanzi the coordinator.

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