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Spice Diana’s donation recognised by President Museveni

A few days ago, singer Spice Diana donated towards the COVID-19 task force in a bid to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The singer came out to the rescue the vulnerable during this lockdown period by donating a truck full of matooke .

Even though Spice Diana’s donation was not appreciated by some journalists who claimed that her donation had been rejected by the Ministry of Health, the President of Uganda thought otherwise.

On Tuesday evening after President Museveni’s COVID-19 address, he read out the names of the people that have donated items to the COVID-19 task force, and Spice Diana’s name was mentioned.

The ‘Jangu Ondabe’ requested that her donation should be distributed to DJs, journalists, and health workers.

Thanking all those that have donated generously to the cause, Spice Diana was specifically concerned about the DJs because they play her music, mostly in night clubs which are not operating at this time.

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