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Of dance parties and a battle we imagined

NTV dance party. Photos by Drama Dancuns

If you had told someone last year that Saturday night could be just fine in your living room, there are chances many would call you crazy.

Yet, in the times of coronavirus, the entire fibre of lifestyle as we know it seems to be changing, major cities world over are turning into ghost towns, people are working from home and gatherings such as church services, concerts or even weddings are on suspension.

This is the reason most people are getting creative, finding ways of operating and making sure life somehow goes on normally. 

TV stations were not spared and to be particular, NTV. 

There was a time when TV had a known Friday and Saturday schedule, a drama and a mix show on Friday. Saturday, at best it was NTV Catalogue ending the transmission.

However, with the entire country staying home, the schedule had to change, it all started with Friday when the station upped the ante by adding The Beat presenter Daggy Nice to the line up as well as another DJ, one Mark Rebel.

NTV dance party. Photos by Drama Dancuns

Trans-night home shows

Unlike the normal Friday mixes, this had been revised, it was interactive, and brought the audience to the TV by allowing them to stream their fun on a national television. 

Some people were just dancing in their living rooms and happy to watch themselves on TV while others were simply happy to hear the presenter mention their names, they could wave whenever mentioned.

But then there was Saturday, since Monday, the station had been marketing a new party themed show, NTV Dance Party, taunted as a live trans-night performance by two DJs and a host of MCs Linda Ddane, Esco and Crystal Panda.

An overkill at first glance, yet the other part of the city, NBS, where a famed Saturday Night Live, named after the famous sketch show was also lining up three MCs too.

Lynda Ddane at NTV dance party

For the audience, of course this was war, a competition or a flex of muscles where at the end of the night, one and only one, had to come out as the champion of weekend nights.

NTV had been said to have floored their competition on Friday thanks to the surprise in Mark Rebel. Little known to the audience yet his catalog was amazing and surprising at the same time, probably it was because he was not as anticipated that he took everyone by surprise.

On Saturday, the line up was aware of their star power, by the time the Weekend Edition was done, they were visible on screens with their backs facing the camera, flashing a peace sign.

And when the show eventually started, indeed there were not here to play; their energy, dance moves or singing along to songs added the much needed color to the show.

But the competition wasn’t yet on, in fact, they had one of those cheeky shows about men airing.

Then at one point, all shows were on, the stage was set for comparisons, enjoyment and on the online avenues, the trolls were just getting started.

The shows

NBS has been with their Saturday Night Live for years, NTV on the other hand was premiering theirs, then there were other shows on BBS TV, Bukedde, plus other TVs that probably had no idea it was even a Saturday.

But the focus was on NTV and NBS, and indeed the two were bringing the heat.

Lynda and Crystal Panda were fine together at the beginning of the NTV show, dancing to all songs and singing along – but it was barely midnight, why were they already sweating with more than six hours to go.

You could imagine they could lose their feet by 4:00am with all that dancing and jumping around.

The other side had Zahara Toto, she can be anything from a speakerbox to a loose canon, she was dancing and screaming most of the time, the combination of her with MC Percy and one MC Kiraka was suspect.

Percy is good at his job and always has ways of winning all by himself, but being paired with the two took something from his act. 

MC Kiraka was so random. Hard to know whether you needed to love him or not, he had both very bright and dull moments. Zahara on the other side was well, being Zahara.

NBS preyed on the fact that they have done this for a long, way longer than their competition.

Their tempo from the beginning of the show was a sign they knew it was a long night, they started off with easy songs and were easy on themselves.

NTV on the other hand was hard, the beats per minute of songs played was high and of course this at one point would come back to bite, especially when the cast almost got tired.

NTV’s biggest ticket of the night was their camera work, they have mastered the art of crazy shots they carefully execute with shows such as Login and Xpozed. These shots came in handy as they created a mood and carried the entire show.

If many things about the show were the same, the camera work of NTV separated the shows. 

It is hard to say which show took the day, each had something better than the other and each sucked at something, but as for now, let’s wait for the next weekend to see what it offers.

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