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Kenzo: I’m not doing that bad to sell my ‘bombardier’


Shortly after President Museveni on Tuesday announced lockdown extension by 21 days, singer Edrisah Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo dominated entertainment circles after tweeting that he was looking for a Ugandan to wire him money in exchange for his recently acquired Land cruiser V8.

A day later, Kenzo who had insinuated that he was broke after being trapped in Ivory Coast for days, tweeted claiming that he was simply trying to attract people’s attention “but not broke at the moment.”

“Yesterday nabasise erio nebakwata I was joking bambi I’m not happy to be on a foreign land because I spend a lot but I’m not doing that bad to sell my car it was a joke. Naye nga wagwan mbawe ku manews agafa eno oba ntuleko wansi,” the Sitya Loss singer tweeted on Wednesday.


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