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Irene Ntale set to release an album after coronavirus pandemic

Irene Ntale

For quite a while, Irene Ntale’s sweet voice has been missing in action with her last song ‘Nyamba’ being released 8 months ago.

The former Swangz Avenue songstress has not released that much music since she left the label and got signed to Universal Music Group in Nigeria. Though many people have concluded that it is because of the change of management, this is not the case.

While appearing on Club Beatz online concert before she kicked off her performance, she revealed that she travelled quite alot to Nigeria in 2019 for a reason.

Ntale revealed that she had plans of releasing her album earlier this year but COVID-19 befell the world.

“I was in and out of Nigeria last year for a reason, I was recording new music and I was yet to release my album when the coronavirus pandemic happened,” she said.

The songstress noted that her plans were delayed but are still on because the music is very ready for release. However, she cannot release it with people still locked up and suffering in their homes.

“Why should I release new music when people have nothing to eat?” she asked.

She, however, confirmed that she will be releasing the album as soon as the battle against coronavirus is over.

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