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I was willing to offer my van to help COVID-19 relief team – John Blaq

Dancehall singer John Blaq, real name John Kasadha was one of Uganda’s most successful artistes musically last year. The singer has come out and offered his car to the National Task Force on COVID-19 to help in transport during the lockdown in the city.

According to John Blaq, coronavirus has affected everyone, and it is up to him to use any means available to help. He, however, noted that the President was specific on the car donations he wants and his car does not fall in the category. This is because his car is not brand new since it has been on the road before.

That is why he never hesitated when Bebe Cool called him to take part in the ‘Corona Distance’ song that creates awareness about the virus.

“Taking part in the ‘Corona Distance’ song was the best way I could contribute to the fight against the virus since I couldn’t give in my car as it is an already used car and the President wanted only new cars,” John Blaq said.

He urged his fans and the rest of Ugandans to follow government guidelines during this time such that we can all come out of it alive. He noted that he was working on an album before the lockdown and as soon as the situation gets better, he will release a song where he collaborated with Gospel singer Levixone.

According to the “Hullo” singer, a lot of money has been lost this period but he believes everything happens for a reason.

“This is the Easter weekend and I was booked for several shows. I also had performances lined up in Europe but I hope the people that booked me understand the situation after everything has gone back to normal. I believe everything happens for a reason,” he noted.

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