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How fake mourners took Coronavirus to Western Kenya in empty coffin

A group of eight fake mourners in Kenya bought a coffin, strapped it onto the roof of a car, and hired a driver to take them from Nairobi to the western town of Homa Bay to escape the coronavirus containment measures in the city.

Along the way, they told police at roadblocks that they were transporting a body for a funeral and they were quickly waved through. They had a fake burial permit from Mama Lucy Hospital in Nairobi.

They lied their way through the 380 kilometres from the city to the small town on the shores of Lake Victoria on Tuesday last week, but when villagers saw the coffin strapped on their car, they gathered to mourn with them.

However, neighbours got curious and demanded to see the body. Then hell broke loose and they alerted police.

Coronavirus tests on them returned a positive result for the driver, and now the rest are in quarantine as detectives track and trace people who might have come into contact with them from Nairobi to Homa Bay.

The irrationality of the fake mourners illustrates a growing level of indiscipline that is putting the lives of millions of Kenyans at risk of contracting coronavirus.

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